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22Feb 1094

Advanced Composites Materials and their Manufacture ...

2015-2-13 · 60 provides the mechanical strength and transfers loads in the composite. The matrix binds and maintains the 61 alignment or spacing of the reinforcement material and protects the reinforcement from abrasion or the 62 environment. The combination of a matrix material with a strong reinforcement material enables lighter

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27Feb 1782

How to Optimize Adhesion in Hard-Soft Overmolding ...

2004-2-1 · In both processes, strength and durability of adhesion between TPE and substrate require compatible hard and soft materials. The type of overmolding method used also affects adhesion performance: Multi-shot molding, by bringing together several melt fronts, generally offers superior adhesion.

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21Feb 1453

Strength Optimization of Infant Pop-Up Seat Frame Using ...

Strength Optimization of Infant Pop-Up Seat Frame Using Discrete Material and Thickness Optimization: 10.4018/IJMMME.2021070101: In this paper, the authors proposed an optimal design method for the strength design of infant pop-up …

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25Feb 1929


DOI: 10.5604/12314005.1135327 Corpus ID: 56257770. MULTI-MATERIAL DESIGN OPTIMIZATION OF A BUS BODY STRUCTURE @article{Korta2013MULTIMATERIALDO, title={MULTI-MATERIAL DESIGN OPTIMIZATION OF A BUS BODY STRUCTURE}, author={J. Korta and T. Uhl}, journal={Journal of KONES.

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21Feb 1048

Strength-Based Topology Optimization for Anisotropic …

2019-10-25 · materials and vonMises agrees best with ductile materials [13]. Earlier attempts towards producing -based optimum strength structural designs were mainly focused on shape optimization [14], [15]and topology optimization of trusses . It was [16] believed by many [17]–[20] that the optimal design might be an

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6Feb 1288

Structural Analysis and Optimization of a Composite Fan ...

2020-8-6 · Structural Analysis and Optimization of a Composite Fan Blade for Future Aircraft Engine ... The material of the baseline solid blades is a titanium alloy, Ti-6Al-4V, with elastic modulus, ... E = 1.60E+7 psi, Poisson''s ratio, ν = 0.3, shear modulus G = 6.15E+6 psi, mass density, ρ = 0.16 lb/in.3, and yield strength = 1.5E+5 psi. The fan ...

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13Feb 1894

Optimization of the Keyway Design with Consideration …

2019-7-1 · Material Properties of Design materials: Structural Steel. Young''s Modulus. 2.e+011 Pa Poisson''s Ratio. 0.3 Tensile Ultimate Density. 7850. kg/m³ Thermal Expansion. 1.2e-005 1/°C Tensile Yield Strength. 2.5e+008 Pa Compressive Yield Strength. 2.5e+008 Pa Tensile Ultimate Strength. 4.6e+008 Pa Compressive Ultimate Strength. 0 Pa Stainless ...

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14Feb 1500

Robust Multiphysics Optimization for Fan Blade …

2018-8-30 · A fan blade is a complicated object and obviously it is subjected to geometrical uncertainties from manufacture tolerances and other production deviations. In spite of all uncertainties a fan blade should provide stable aerodynamic efficiency and strength properties.

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3Feb 756

Composition optimization of high-strength Mg-Gd-Y-Zr …

2020-9-10 · Mg-Gd-Y-Zr alloys with high strength levels fall within narrow composition ranges. The present paper explains their composition rule by establishing the cluster-plus-glue-atom unit of Gd-containing Mg solid solution with the aid of Mg matrix and Mg 5 Gd precipitate phase. Gd precipitate phase.

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19Feb 1955


2016-5-16 · the crankshafts. Material tests showed that the forged steel had 26% higher tensile strength and 37% higher fatigue strength than the ductile cast iron, while component tests showed that the forged steel crankshaft had 32% higher fatigue strength resulting in a factor of six longer fatigue life. The S-N approach used to predict the fatigue lives

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14Feb 1151

Design and Weight Optimization of Aluminium Alloy …

2021-6-4 · well below the yield stress of the material and safe for the application. The FE analysis indicated that even after a fatigue cycle of 1020, the damage on the wheel is found only 0.2%. Index Terms- AlSi7Mg0.3, wheel rim, Design optimization, stress analysis, weight optimization, fatigue analysis.

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3Feb 1293

Light-weighting in aerospace component and system …

2018-6-1 · The most commonly used commercial aerospace structural materials are aluminium alloys, titanium alloys, high strength steels and composites, generally accounting for over 90% of the weight of airframes, om the 1920s until the end of the century, metal owing to its high strength and stiffness, especially aluminium alloy, has been the dominant material in airframe …

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21Feb 1343

Optimization of Heat Sink Design and Fan Selection in ...

2020-4-29 · optimization point between the different types of fans or blowers under certain fin gap/length ratio can be obtained. In addition, the experimental results are used to compare with theoretical methodology developed by Copeland [2], Biber [3], and Teertstra [4]. Analytical Model A fan-heat sink model can be characterize based on the

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27Feb 1906

HCF Weak Link Optimization for Wide-Chord Fan Blades …

2021-1-18 · This paper describes the combination of a Kriging surrogate model with a micro-genetic algorithm for studying the influence of circumferential perturbations from the stack line on the high-cycle fatigue (HCF) weak link of a fan blade in a high-bypass-ratio turbofan engine. Based on the circumferential perturbations of the fan …

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17Feb 1849

Optimization of VRM Operation

2020-3-23 · Grinding bed is the material layer between the roller and the table It transmits the entire roller force and mill power It is the key issue to successful operating of a VRM !!! Determined by: •Feed Material size •Feed Material Moisture •Dam Ring Height •Grinding Fineness •Air Speed in nozzle ring

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14Feb 933

Prediction and optimization of epoxy adhesive strength ...

2021-8-4 · Prediction and optimization of epoxy adhesive strength from a small dataset through active learning Sirawit Pruksawana,b, Guillaume Lambard c, Sadaki Samitsua, Keitaro Sodeyama and Masanobu Naitoa,b,d aData-driven Polymer Design Group, Research and Services Division of Materials Data and Integrated System (MaDIS), National Institute for Materials Science …

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7Feb 934

Creating Models of Truss Structures with Optimization

2006-2-9 · The third category of structural optimization, geometry opti-mization, lies between the extremes of size and topology optimiza-tion. The goal of geometry optimization is to refine the position, strength and, to some extent, the topology of a truss structure. Be-cause these problems are highly non-linear, geometry optimization

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24Feb 767

On the design and structural analysis of jet engine fan ...

2013-7-1 · The high strength and stiffness of composite materials combined with the ability to tailor the material to specific aerodynamic loads have led to their increased use in fan blades. Carbon and glass fiber composite materials could represent the future of fan blade materials due to their weight and structural rigidity benefits.

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13Feb 613


2019-6-20 · alternate material as well as alternate geometry while maintaining the strength. Geometry modification in present chassis design by changing thickness of hollow tube . The various materials are studied and the best material will be selected as the solution. The weight optimization is achieved in this project.

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10Feb 1547

Optimization of a reshaping rivet to reduce the protrusion ...

2016-8-1 · In order to increase the joint strength, the cross-tension strength of the joint after reshaping is a major concern in the optimization of geometrical parameters of the rivet. The material around the pits in the surfaces of the reshaping rivet will flow to enlarge the undercut and neck thickness in the reshaping process as shown in Fig. 9 ...

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13Feb 653


TOPOLOGICAL OPTIMIZATION OF PIEZOELECTRIC MATERIALS FOR THE ... tric materials. The coupling strength between the mechanical ... ters [15,16]. Fan …

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2Feb 1163

Enhanced the breakdown strength and energy density in ...

2017-8-21 · Electric field strength and electric flux density have an important effect on breakdown strength and energy density of composite films. Herein, finite element simulation has been adopted to further analyze the influence of electric potential, electric field strength and electric flux density for the fillers distribution in composites films, as shown in Fig. 1.

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27Feb 1570

Optimize Your Heat Sink Design: Principles and Four ...

2021-4-9 · · Interface Materials. Thermal interface materials are the material that makes up the space between the heat sink. It is normally air. However, some manufacturers use other materials such as mica. Thermal interface materials …

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14Feb 1258

Improving Fan System Performance

2013-8-26 · Axial fans, as the name implies, move an airstream along the axis of the fan. The air is pressurized by the aerodynamic lift generated by the fan blades, much like a propeller and an airplane wing. Although they can sometimes be used interchange-ably with centrifugal fans, axial fans are commonly used in "clean air," low-pressure, high-volume

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2Feb 1628

Ultimate Materials Guide

2021-8-27 · Polylactic Acid, commonly known as PLA, is one of the most popular materials used in desktop 3D printing. It is the default filament of choice for most extrusion-based 3D printers because it can be printed at a low temperature and does not require a heated bed. PLA is a great first material …

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14Feb 1220

Pratt & Whitney Geared Turbofan

This aerodynamic marvel: a bigger, more efficient fan brings you a quieter engine and the highest bypass ratio in commercial aviation. Up to 81" fan diameter. Up to 12:1 bypass ratio. Optimization. Speed matters. A slow fan and a fast core mean peak performance with no compromises – each part runs at its optimum speed.

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19Feb 1343

Synchronous optimization of strengths, ductility and ...

Abstract: Structural materials usually suffer from several attacks during their service, such as tension, fatigue and corrosion. It is necessary to synchronously improve these properties for their lightweight and long-lifetime, but corrosion resistance and ductility are generally inverse correlation with strength, it is very difficult to simultaneously optimize all three properties.

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17Feb 1191

Failure analysis of a re-design knuckle using topology ...

2020-6-4 · ing an ABAQUS finite element (FE) model to optimize the material layout of the prototype knuckle design. Once the weight of the knuckle has been reduced to a value less than that of the original knuckle (3.88kg), further simulations are performed to analyze the strength of the designed knuckle.

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