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tetras cardinal tetras without gravel and plants

27Feb 904

Care Guide for Neon and Cardinal Tetras | Beginner ...

As well, both the Cardinal and Neon Tetra like plants. The tank they are housed in should ideally have plant coverage in which they can use to hide. Aside from these two basic starter necessities of adequate numbers of fish and plants, there are some differences between the Cardinal and Neon Tetras.

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7Feb 953

Cardinal And Neon Tetras | BeChewy

2014-7-22 · The gold cardinal tetra is a new form of cardinal with silver rather than metallic blue bands along its flanks. It also has a more yellow body color than normal cardinal tetras. There is also a gold neon tetra available, as well. The cardinal tetra honors Herbert R. Axelrod, the noted fishkeeping writer and publisher.

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30Feb 1660

Better substrate for freshwater plants, Sand or Gravel ...

 · 125 gallon community, planted and driftwood. 1 bala shark, 9 roselines, 3 tiger barbs, 4 rasbora tetras, 5 lemon tetras, 5 diamond tetras, 1 clown loach, 1 bristlenose pleco, 1 dwarf bristle nose pleco, 1 albino rainbow shark, 2 bamboo shrimp, 1 siamese flying fox, 4 cardinal tetras, 2 jurapari and, 2 electric blue rams.

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27Feb 628

How to Care for Neon Tetra and Cardinal Tetra Fish ...

2011-4-17 · Cardinal tetras are more expensive as they are the more popular of the two, and many hobbyists prefer the cardinal tetra because of their more vivid coloration. Care of Neon and Cardinal Tetras Neon tetras …

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22Feb 1228

cardinal tetra | Fish | Gumtree Australia Free Local ...

cardinal tetra. in Australia. Just received some new stock of these beautiful little barbs. This small species of Barb is a wonderful community fish, plant safe and just a great addition to any suitable tank. $14.95 each 5 for $65 10 for $125 Available for …

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10Feb 1719

Cardinal Tetra Tank Mates: 7 Compatible Tank Mates For ...

Cardinal Tetra Tank Mates. In this article, I will share with you some great Cardinal Tetra Tank Mates that you can add to your aquarium for a fun and colorful aquarium.. One of the most popular tetra fish is the Cardinal Tetra which has a similar appearance to the smaller neon tetra – also a favorite of aquarium enthusiasts.

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8Feb 875

Neon Tetra

2020-6-25 · Neon tetras are small and colorful, and they make excellent pets for beginner aquarists. You can find these tetras in almost all pet stores. Neon tetras may be hardy, but you still need to maintain the right water conditions for them …

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16Feb 614

My Two Neon Tetras Disappeared. | My Aquarium Club

My two neon tetras disappeared. So I have a tank with five neon tetras (now three) and two opaline gouramies. Today I got home to do my weekly tank cleaning and couldn''t find two of my tetras. I look EVERYWHERE. There''re no where to be found and couldn''t have possibly jumped out because of my hood.

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11Feb 1118

Tetras – Shrimp Fever

Description: Common Name:Assorted Tetras Scientific name: N/A Wild Origin: N/A Maximum Size: N/A Tetra Care: Tank Parameters Required: pH – 5.0 – 7.5 gH – 3-9 kH – 1-2 TDS – 50-250 Temperature – 20-28C or 68 – 78F Temperament: Omnivore/Non aggressive, Able to eat shrimplets Breeding: Egg scatterer Difficulty: Easy *There is no picking of individuals* *All …

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29Feb 1957

Cardinal Tetra vs Neon Tetra: What is the Difference

Cardinal Tetra - Often regarded as an upgrade to common neon tetra, the cardinal tetra is a fantastic tetra species for those who are looking for the perfect and elegant schooling fish for their planted and community tanks. Though they can be slightly more difficult to keep when compared to neon''s due to their sensitivity to water parameters, the cardinal tetra pulls through with its …

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7Feb 1721

How to Care for Neon Tetra and Cardinal Tetra Fish ...

2011-4-17 · Cardinal tetras are more expensive as they are the more popular of the two, and many hobbyists prefer the cardinal tetra because of their more vivid coloration. Care of Neon and Cardinal Tetras Neon tetras have been in the …

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17Feb 636


2021-8-12 · The most popular types of Tetras are the Neon and the Cardinal Tetras. Both types are extremely beautiful fresh water fish. The ideal size of aquarium to have Tetra fish is a 15 gallons tank, with water heated to a temperature between 75 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. You shouldn''t use a thick layer of gravel, no …

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17Feb 1699

Cardinals won''t come to the top to eat | Cardinal Tetra ...

 · David593. Feb 10, 2009. #10. My Cardinal tetras never go to the surface to eat either. They pretty much stay at the bottom of the tank and wait for food to drop. They never swim much higher than mid tank during the day, and most times are spent in the lower half swimming around the plants and decorations.

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25Feb 1293

Neon Tetra vs Cardinal Tetra Aquarium Fish | Tank Mates ...

Cardinal Tetra. Cardinal Tetra Aquarium Fish - Breeding. Cardinal Tetra Females are larger and wider than males. Cardinal Tetras spawn on flat surfaces, such as plant leaves. They prefer low light levels for breeding, such as dusk and dawn. …

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18Feb 819

13 Awesome Tetra Fish Types—Can You Mix Different …

2021-7-13 · Include a few plants akin to those found in the rivers cardinal tetras inhabit, but leave a lot of open swimming spaces. As for water chemistry, the fish prefer soft and acidic water with a ph between 4.5 and 6.2, and a water temperature between 73°Fand 82°F.

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21Feb 1818

Skirt tetras & gold tetras | Tetras Forum | 504677

 · I had one green neon tetra and 5 gold tetras in what was supposed to be a temporary 5 gallon tank hospital tank for over a year now. During lockdown I purchased 10 green neon tetras online and they sent me gold tetras instead. 5 died during shipping/in the first week. I finally put the six fish in my 29 gallon tank with 7 skirt tetras and now all the skirt tetras are absolutely …

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2Feb 1096

33 Types Of Tetra Fish Varieties

2021-6-18 · Tetras are small, active, beautiful fishes that can make a wonderful addition to a lively, peaceful community setup.Alternatively, a tank containing several different species of tetra can rival the impact made by one feature fish. For example, schools of brightly colored neon, diamond head, and rainbow tetra flitting through vivid green aquatic plants create an awesome …

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20Feb 851

Cardinal Tetra: Care Guide, Types, Lifespan, Pictures ...

2021-9-14 · Gravel, aquarium sand, and pebbles work well. The substrate provides a place for beneficial bacteria to thrive and grow. Plants: Cardinal tetras are naturally shy and enjoy living in a tank that is heavily planted. Lighting: Cardinal tetras are native to dark waters. They can get stressed from a brightly lit tank.

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5Feb 796

A Question Of Cardinal Tetras | My Aquarium Club

2021-9-12 · A question of cardinal tetras Hey so, at the risk of being judged as a fish-greedy maniac, I would like a bit of imput on the idea of eventually introducing cardinal tetras to my 18.8g cube aquarium. The existing future stocking of it at the time would be 5 corydoras catfish and a bunch of unwanted trumpet snails.

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21Feb 785

7 Best Aquarium Plants For Tetras

2019-11-14 · Best Aquarium Plants For Tetras. 1. Ludwigia Repens. Ludwigia repens is a fast-growing stem plant. It is a very popular coloring plant. The color of its leaves ranges from deep green to deep red. This plant is very easy to care which makes it ideal for beginners.

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19Feb 1936

Cardinal Tetra Care: Tank Mates, Size, Lifespan & More

2020-7-7 · Cardinal Tetra Care: Tank Mates, Size, Lifespan & More. Cardinal Tetras are a wonderful freshwater fish that often get overlooked. This species is pretty, easy to care for, and quite peaceful. However, there are some aspects of their care that are noticeably different than other fish in their family. This guide will teach you the fundamentals ...

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8Feb 1758

Why Is My Cardinal Tetra Keep Dying?

How to Care for Neon Tetra and Cardinal Tetra Fish ...

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20Feb 1278

Cardinal tetras and rummy nose tetras | Aquatic Plant Forum

 · My tapwater is hard (kh = 5, dh > 16, tds >300, ph = 7.4 before CO2 then 6.4 after CO2) but I have been keeping my cardinal tetras for over a year now and rummy nose tetras for 4 months. What I did was I quarantined them first for about a month (bare container with heater and cycled filter) and then drip acclimated them after.

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10Feb 1662

Cardinal Tetras

 · The tank has 7 male Guppies, 7 male Cardinal Tetras and 3 Peppered Corys (soon to be 6) all the fish are behaving normally and are eating. Only the tetras have a visible sign of illness all the others look healthy and normal. They have small white spots all over their bodes, some only have one tiny spot whereas some have around 15-20.

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29Feb 840

Cardinal Tetra Lifespan

Cardinal Tetras are hardy and easy to care for provided you know what you''re doing. With the information in this guide, there is no reason your Tetras can''t live for at least 5 years. If you do only two things on this list, the things that make …

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10Feb 637

cardinal tetras without gravel and plants

Fish Care Neon Tetras and Cardinal Tetras PetHelpful. Jun 27 2016 Learn how to care for your neon and cardinal tetras They are active fish that cannot survive well without a school so they Décor The most natural choices for aquarium décor for neon and cardinal tetras are plants that hail from the To ensure this doesn 39 t happen choose gravel that is too large to fit in

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25Feb 1889

Re: [APD] Cardinal tetras: wild caught?

2003-9-16 · Whereupon the owner, who was standing nearby, said they were bred, not wild-caught fish, and this was the first time ever he had gotten any.

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