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metal detector for mining conveyor botswana

9Feb 1114

MARS Metal Automated Removal System

When the detector senses tramp metal in the bulk material on the belt, it sends a signal to the MARS. When the metal reaches the MARS, the MARS automatically lowers its angled plow blade to flatten the belt and divert the metal, along with a small amount of material, off the conveyor.

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19Feb 1555

Metal Detectors

2021-2-4 · lightweight metal detector that is vibration, dust and water resistant. Sensitivity: Capable of detecting a ferrous cube as small as 2-1/2% of the coil spacing, depending on product being conveyed. The Model 1250 Metal Detector is the most sensitive metal detector of all the Model 1200 Series. It is suited for installation on conveyor

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4Feb 1030

CEIA Industrial Metal Detectors

CEIA, leading manufacturer of industrial metal detectors, offers a complete range of solutions for inspecting food products, both loose and packaged. The line of Quality Control Detectors includes the Conveyor Inspection Systems, featuring state-of-the-art performance and full compliance with industrial sector regulations.

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24Feb 847

Model 50 Aggregate & Mining Industrial Metal Detector …

The Tectron® Model DMD 25 is engineered to be the most sensitive metal detector on the market for installation on conveyor belts carrying coal, minerals, aggregates, and other bulk materials. The Model DMD 25 can be tuned to ignore conductive ores such as gold, copper or zinc while still detecting small pieces of tramp metal.

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17Feb 1704

Metal Detectors Inc.

American-Made. Since 1965. Proudly made in beautiful Eugene, Oregon, USA, Metal Detectors, Inc. is a proven leader of industrial Metal Detection technology and performance products. With our experienced in-house design, manufacturing and support team, MDI can provide solutions for all of your Metal …

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4Feb 1814

Tramp Metal Detection | SRO Technology

TRAMP METAL DETECTION AS A SOLUTION. It''s hard to imagine that a rusted bucket shovel, bolt or nail could cause something as powerful as an ore crusher to break down, but that''s exactly what happens when miscellaneous metal goes …

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17Feb 1028

Industrial & Mining Metal Detectors

Metcorr 117C is an industrial metal detector for mines, quarries and facilities with conveyor material. Metcorr can detect ferrous and non-ferrous metal objects and is immune to vibrations. The rugged coil systems comprises of two electrically and physically identical coil sets, of which one operates as a receiver and the other as a transmitter.

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9Feb 1968

Conveyors and Conveyor Accessories

Metal detectors prevent damage to crushers and mills caused by metal parts. A metal detector stops the operation with an audible alarm and lights when metal parts pass over it. Operational characteristics: - Detects metal parts on the belt with max material thickness of 150mm (5.9″). - Can detect parts with 30+mm (1.2″) dimensions.

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18Feb 641

Guide to Metal Detection | Eclipse Magnetics

Tunnel Metal detection systems are perfect for end-of-line detection of metal contamination. Positioned on conveyors or chutes our tunnel systems allow for the inspection of bulk or packed goods. Our systems can be fitted onto existing conveyor lines, or have an integrated conveyor system. Our hygienic housing design allows for efficient ...

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16Feb 1076

Tramp Metal Detection Systems

2017-3-21 · Tramp Metal Detection Systems Models 2080 Dual Coil and Single Coil SETTING THE STANDARDS FOR RELIABILITY AND DURABILITY REQUIRED BY TODAY''S CRUSHING AND PROCESSING INDUSTRIES Detection of tramp in ores, aggregrates, coal, rubber, iron pellets, wood chips and more transported on standard and steel core conveyor belts

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19Feb 1436


SciTronics Metal Detector. An insurance policy for your crushers!. The downtime and the repairs to crushers due to damage by tramp metal are costly. That''s why plant managers and engineers consider tramp metal detectors an essential addition to their conveyor …

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18Feb 1154

Metal Detection Archives

Tectron Metal Detectors Keeping production up and running is essential to Process Plant operation. Equipment damage caused by tramp metal not only costs time and money to replace the damaged equipment, but most importantly it costs production time. Tectron Metal Detectors are designed to protect expensive crushers, grinders, saws and other downstream equipment …

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4Feb 552

Metal Detector for Mining Industry

2.The detector head can be separated so that the belt do not need to be cut. 3.A timer is used to control the eliminating device. 4.When the impurities detected,the metal detector will send the stop signal from the Intermediate relays to the conveyor belt system. 5. Voltage:220V 50HZ 6. Alarm: Sound and light alarm, and stop automatically 7.

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19Feb 1968


2018-1-29 · Radomiro Tomic copper mine. Weighing more than 60 metric tons, it is a mammoth magnet doing the job of separating iron from the primary crusher apron conveyor. The second stage of protection against tramp iron is the use of metal detector across the conveyor belts. The primary use of metal detectors is to protect

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2Feb 1880

Belt Conveyor Metal Detectors | Bunting

2021-9-15 · Belt Conveyor Metal Detectors are designed to detect and then reject any kind of metal from a belt conveyor system. The maintenance of these machines is simple and they are incredibly user-friendly when it comes to operation. TN77. Detection of tramp iron & manganese steel including non-magnetic digger teeth.

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13Feb 1032

Conveyor Belt Metal Detection System

The conveyor belt control unit with "stop-on-detection" function and various separation systems during the metal detection process facilitate use with a wide range of products. The compact metal detection system is suitable for the …

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27Feb 1060

Conveyor Systems | Innovation | Metal Seperation

Based in Northern Ireland, Conveyortek is an ISO 9001 accredited company that designs and manufactures conveyor systems for both bulk material handling and unit handling applications, components and metal separation technologies. Our in-house engineering team have produced systems for a global customer base for many years.

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5Feb 1113

Safely detecting & removing metal contaminants

Our metal detectors reliably detect all metallic contaminants und provide protection – perfectly tailored to your application. Regardless of whether the contaminant − exposed or embedded in the product − is made of iron, steel, stainless steel or non-ferrous metals, such as aluminium, copper and brass, our metal detection …

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18Feb 1984


DETEC tramp iron metal detectors for the detection of ferrous and non ferrous metal in mining including hard rock, coal & iron ore, quarrying, cement, power stations, process and extractive industries.. We design and manufacture metal detectors for bulk materials and package handling covering all mining applications, including conveyors with steel cord belts.

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18Feb 1227


2020-7-8 · The TSS Group is a versatile engineering company, recognized as a leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of quality industrial products, including conveyor equipment, metal detectors, supermarket checkout conveyors and motorized drums. TSS specializes in providing equipment for bulk materials handling and other extractive industries, and services local and …

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19Feb 1791

Metcorr™ 117C | Mining Metal Detector

2021-9-3 · Industrial metal detector for mining operations, quarries and facilities with conveyor material. Metcorr™ 117C is a metal detector, which is able to detect ferrous and non-ferrous metal objects. It is suited for mines, quarries and other industrial facilities, where unwanted metal objects in conveyed material would cause damage or excessive ...

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27Feb 1138

Metal detectors for the Mining Industry

Mining. The QLC/QLCTA and SQ/SQTA metal detectors are directly designed for industrial applications in particularly demanding industrial environments. They are extremely durable, insensitive to vibrations and resistant to weather, dirt or stone chips. At the same time, they offer good metal sensitivity for monitoring bulk materials in mining or ...

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30Feb 1372

TN77 Conveyor Belt Metal Detector | Bunting

Metal Detection for the Aggregate, Mining & Minerals Industry. The electronic TN77 Conveyor Belt Metal Detector is a tunnel-type unit that is generally installed onto conveyor systems. The TN77 enables a continuous inspection to be made of any non-metallic or non-conductive materials.

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24Feb 1363

Mineral Detection Equipment Conveyor Belt Mining Metal ...

Mineral Detection Equipment Conveyor Belt Mining Metal Detector for Coal. The Conveyor belt fault X-ray detection system can effectively monitor and report upon damage events & severity and changes to splice layup to prevent failures which would otherwise impact upon the safe operation of the asset and ultimately impact production.

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4Feb 869


METAL DETECTORS AND SEPARATORS FOR THE MINING INDUSTRY. Industry: All 22 / Plastics 17 / Textile 8 / Wood 8 / Mining 3 . ... Plate metal detector for the installation under belt conveyors or vibration troughs. To be used with medium bulk heights for machine protection. ... Metal detector for vibrating conveyors. No slide plate or additional ...

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