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25Feb 1317

MAPEI in the USA | Mapei

2021-9-22 · MAPEI remains a family-owned and -operated business and is a privately held entity generating annual revenues of nearly $2 billion USD. The tradition of MAPEI is one that has expanded from the Squinzi family in Italy to encircle the globe, including the Western Hemisphere (MAPEI North America).

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3Feb 731


2021-9-20 · Mapei''s the leading company in the building industry, with over 80 years of experience, in the field of adhesives, sealants & chemical products for building. Click here to visit Mapei.

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3Feb 541


2021-6-16 · Mapei products have been used in thousands of projects all around the world, from large-scale projects to commercial spaces, from residential projects to works of public interest: our technical assistance and consultancy service are an integral part of our offer and of our daily commitment. Show more.

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2Feb 927


Mapei''s commitment is to give the highest priority to Sustainability: Environmental, Social and Economical. The Cement Additives Division designs its products in cooperation with the Cement Industry, in order to ensure long term Sustainability and Environmental compatibility. Learn more. "Global CO 2 saving thanks to Mapei Cement Additives".

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4Feb 1462


The MAPEI Cement Additives Division specialists are available to optimise the grinding circuit during the industrial trials and to suggest the most suitable dosage system. Safety instructions During the usage of MA.P.E./W it is recommended to respect the usual rules of industrial hygiene and manipulation of the chemical products.

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8Feb 733

Mechanism Grinding Aids

2018-3-29 · Lanfranco Sottili / - Mapei Davide Padovani / - Mapei Anna Bravo / - Mapei - THE AGGLOMERATION PHENOMENA During the grinding process, the increase in the specific surface proportionally decreases with the fineness increase. Rittinger''s law demonstrated that there is a direct proportionality within the grinding

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25Feb 1970

MApei Performance Enhancer/ A Grinding aids for …

2018-3-29 · MApei Performance Enhancer/ A Grinding aids for masonry cement DESCRIPTION MA.P.E./A are air-entraining agents formulated for grinding artificial and natural masonry cements. Artificial masonry cements are obtained by grinding clinker together with one or more inert material (in general limestone).

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13Feb 664

MApei Grinding Aid /C Pack set inhibitors for cement

2018-3-29 · MApei Grinding Aid /C Pack set inhibitors for cement DESCRIPTION MA.G.A./C are high performance grinding aids generally used to increase mill production and to improve the cement quality. They are highly concentrated additives formulated with only selected raw materials, to guarantee absolute constancy of

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20Feb 704

Mapei Cement Additives promote sustainability | Mapei

2017-7-13 · The additives from Mapei''s C-ADD line are now part of the North American scene as essential elements to tackle issues associated with the increasing demand for cement in the region. For example, in cement grinding mills these additives increase production by 10% to 15%, and reduce the amount of energy required for the grinding process by 8% ...

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24Feb 1988

BREEAM | Mapei

2021-8-16 · Launched in the UK in 1990, BREEAM (BRE Environmental Assessment Method) is a protocol for sustainable building practices adopted mainly in the United Kingdom and in Scandinavian countries with the version BREEAM NOR. By adopting this protocol, thanks to their EDP''s and very low emission of VOC, Mapei products help towards obtaining relative credits.

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19Feb 1557

MApei Grinding Aid /M Pack-set inhibitor for minerals …

2018-3-29 · MApei Grinding Aid /M Pack-set inhibitor for minerals and raw materials DESCRIPTION MA.G.A./M is a high-efficiency grinding additive, normally used for increasing the mill output and improving the quality of the ground materials (granulometry and dry flowability). This concentrated additive is based on accurately selected raw

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4Feb 718

Mapei in China | Mapei

2021-9-22 · Mapei has fulfilled achievements in China, wide range products have been applied in different kinds of constructions as : civil constructions, out of which most famous as, Shanghai International Tourism & Resort Zone (Disneyland Shanghai), Metro Mosaic Decoration Wall (Beijing & Wuxi), Beijing Olympic Park Observation Tower, Shanghai and Hangzhou …

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